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Muscle and Joint Treatments

Hands on treatment of all muscle and joint conditions. One on one contact time involving primarily hands-on manual therapy.

Our Services Explained

Northwest Physiotherapy Group provides a range of different services and types of treatment that is dependent on the nature of the presenting condition. Muscle and joint treatments may include, but are not limited to, joint mobilisation/manipulation, muscle release techniques, muscle stretching and strengthening, motor control techniques, neurodynamic mobilising, dry needling and therapeutic exercise. Physiotherapy is a science that is continually evolving with new research and techniques, which assist our patients to achieve better outcomes.

All our Physios have been trained in a new approach to Physiotherapy, which is based on the latest Pain and Neuroscience research. This approach involves a  comprehensive assessment and treatment of all contributing factors to a patient's symptoms, so that we achieve faster and more lasting results. For more information about this method go to Ridgway Method.

The primary aims of Physiotherapy are:

  • To determine the primary and secondary factors that may have led to a musculoskeletal problem developing.
  • To educate the client on why their normal function is impaired and how they can overcome this.
  • To restore balance, mobility, strength and control to the musculoskeletal/neural system.
  • To facilitate fast and lasting return to normal function, including sport and work.
  • To increase clients awareness of how to manage their musculoskeletal health more effectively.
  • To educate clients on how to prevent pain and dysfunction occurring.

The Initial Consultation

Here we spend 60 minutes with a client, which is solely one on one contact time. The purpose of the initial consultation is to perform a comprehensive assessment of the problem and begin the process of treatment to solve the problem in a systematic way. This will involve a subjective assessment, where we will discuss the problem and how it affects your lifestyle, as well as what constitutes a "good result" for you..

We will then perform a physical or objective assessment where you will be asked to perform certain movements and undergo various physical and manual tests. This is to test all possible structures within your musculoskeletal system that may be contributing to your problem. This process is called clinical reasoning.

We will involve you in the process so that you will better understand how your body works and what is causing the problem. We will also provide you with an estimation of the time frame for recovery. This will depend on various factors, such as nature of injury, number of contributing factors and client compliance and motivation.

The Review Consultation

The purpose of the review consultation is three fold:

  1. To ascertain your response to and understanding of our treatment approach.
  2. To complete the assessment process so we collect all the information relevant to your condition.
  3. To progress your treatment to gain an effective change in some of the abnormal signs previously detected.

The review consultation also takes 30 minutes, which again is one on one contact time involving primarily hands-on manual therapy. After you have completed a course of treatment and your condition has resolved, you will be educated on the best way go prevent recurrence, and also how to manage the main weakness in your musculoskeletal system.

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