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Russell Visser

Russell graduated as a physiotherapist from Melbourne's Lincoln Institute of Health Sciences in 1982. He initially worked for 2 years in general orthopaedic and rehabilitation physiotherapy in a hospital setting. He then worked in private practice, Community Health at Sunbury and occupational health at Metropolitan Rehabilitation Services.  More...

Areas of Specialty

Golfer performance and injury prevention/management, maintaining optimal health as you age.


Graham Nelson

Graham is an experienced clinician, graduating from La Trobe University in 1993. He has established a strong medical background, working in such hospitals as Ballarat Base, The Alfred and Austin and Repatriation Medical Center. He has also worked in England, where he had the opportunity to further develop his manual and orthopaedic skills, and has worked full time in private practice since returning to Melbourne in 1996.  More...

Areas of Specialty

Running performance and injury prevention/management, Tennis Elbow, Cervicogenic Headache.


Nicole T'en

I love working on problem-solving injuries, on self-improvement, and helping people return to their pain-free, happy state. That’s why being a physio is fun and meaningful to me.”
Nicole graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2011 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. She has always worked in private practice, as she enjoys helping clients from all walks of life reach their ultimate health goals.  More...

Areas of Specialty

Musculoskelat conditions and sports injuries


Massage Therapy



Angela Cuzzupe

Angela Cuzzupe is an experienced massage therapist of over 15 years, and has worked in a multi-disciplinary setting for most of that time. Through this experience, she has developed an acute sense of touch and advanced hands on skills to enable her to perform remedial, sports and deep tissue massage, as well as lymphatic drainage.  More...

Areas of Specialty

Massage Therapist