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Updated Covid-19 Policies

20 Jul 2020 by Graham Nelson

We are committed to ensuring the safety and health of all our clients and team, and we have put in place policies and procedures around the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure our clinic is safe and hygenic. These policies will be updated as new information is released and public restrictions change.

1. All staff are regularly screened to ensure they have no symptoms of illness and have minimal known risk of exposure to Covid-19.

2. All clients attending the clinic are also screened over the phone to ensure they are well and have minimal known risk of exposure to Covid-19 before they attend.

3. All treating practitioners including massage wear either face masks or shields when in contact with clients to minimise droplet transmission.

4. As per new Victorian government mandates from 11:59 on 22/7/20, all clients attending the clinic will also be required to wear face masks. Those that do not have them will be able to purchase one at reception.

5. All clients and staff will be required to hand sanitise on entering and leaving the clinic.

6. Social distancing will be maintained in the reception area, and a plastic screen will be installed on the reception desk.

7. All surfaces within the clinic will be cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the day, including door handles, toilets, light switches and table tops.

8. Practitioners will disinfect all treatments tables between client consultations.

9. Single use washable pillow covers will be used for each consultation.

10. Practitioners will hand sanitise between all consultations.