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Biomechanics of Running

25 Jun 2016  

Correct biomechanics, form and posture play an integral role in maximising your efficiency with forward propulsion and help to minimise overload and strain throughout your body. We can break the elements of correct running biomechanics and posture into key areas: 1. Head straight and shoulders relaxed While this may seem obvious, we see many people running with their he ..

Acute Knee Pain Resolved With Hip Flexor Release

25 May 2016  

Mr M presented with acute onset of left knee pain following an incident at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the previous day. He now reported significant pain and limitation with walking, moving from sit to stand and transferring in and out of the car. He was also unable to continue with his Jiu Jitsu training. Mr M’s main goals: (self rated as 10/10 being pain free and full function) To walk  ..

Knee Pain Can Be A Real Pain In The Butt!

20 Apr 2016  

Knee pain is one of the most common conditions people experience, and it can be particularly annoying for the recreational or competitive runner. It can be felt at the front, sides or behind the knee, with the most common area being the front, around the patella(kneecap). It can affect your walking, going up and down stairs, getting up from a chair, squatting, bending, kn ..