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Chronic heel pain- from limping to 10km race in 2 months!

20 Jun 2018  

The 2 biggest myths about heel pain. Heel pain or plantar fascitis, can be a real nuisance, stopping you from putting your best foot forward! In our experience, the 2 biggest myths around this condition are: 1. That where you feel your pain is where the problem is. 2. That the degree of damage on your scan results will determine your ability to recover. Through a thorough ..

Biomechanics of Running

25 Jun 2016  

Correct biomechanics, form and posture play an integral role in maximising your efficiency with forward propulsion and help to minimise overload and strain throughout your body. We can break the elements of correct running biomechanics and posture into key areas: 1. Head straight and shoulders relaxed While this may seem obvious, we see many people running with their he ..

Chronic Resistant Heel Pain Almost Resolved in 4 Sessions!

07 Dec 2012  

Mrs S is a 32 year old property administrator and mother of 2 who recently presented with an 18 month history of heel and foot pain. She had consulted several different practitioners over this time without success and her pain had stopped her running. Walking, epecially in the morning, was also painful. In our assessment with Mrs S, we looked for biomechanical factors within h ..