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6 months of leg pain(sciatica) solved with treatment of the shoulder

28 Apr 2014  

Mr. T, a 31 year old sales manager presented with a 6 month history of R leg pain, focussed around the mid hamstring area. There had been no specific injury, but Mr T reported that he did a lot of driving and sitting for work. He also reported some soreness in his R shoulder after playing squash. He had regular massage for these areas which gave him temporary relief, but the problem was not  ..

Ankle flexibility improves 150% in one session with treatment to the shoulder

14 Nov 2013  

Mr C is a 42 year old technician who presented with a 1 year history of L ankle pain, stiffness, a feeling of swelling and difficulty wearing his work boots. He was in good general health and a CT scan of his ankle had been clear. Mr C was quite distressed about his left ankle and his right ankle had also recently been painful. He feared he may not be able to continue working and support ..

Neck Pain & Chronic Headache Improves 80% in 3 sessions

03 Sep 2013  

Mrs Z a full time secondary teacher presented with a 3 week history of severe left shoulder and neck pain and chronic debilitating headaches. She had put up with her pain but it was beginning to disturb her sleep and work performance. Mrs Z was quite stressed by her ongoing levels of pain and wanted to alleviate the headaches, regain pain free neck movement, to reach forward and overhead p ..

Grip strength improves over 500% with thoracic mobilisation!

18 Aug 2013  

Mrs S presented with a 6 week history of right elbow pain which had developed after a period of home renovations. She also had a left hip problem that she had put up with for years. She was having difficulty getting undressed, brushing her teeth and combing her hair due to her elbow pain, and the hip was painful after 15-20min of driving. A thorough whole body examination revealed that ..

12 months of elbow and wrist pain improves 80% in 1 session.

18 Aug 2013  

Mrs W presented recently with a 12 month history of right elbow and forearm pain extending to her wrist. This had come on gradually without any trauma. This was affecting her ability to write and use her computer, and was worse at the end of the day. She could not lift simple objects without pain, and even putting petrol in her car was painful. A thorough whole body examination of her  ..

Chronic Resistant heel pain almost resolved in 4 sessions!

07 Dec 2012  

Mrs S is a 32 year old property administrator and mother of 2 who recently presented with an 18 month history of heel and foot pain. She had consulted several different practitioners over this time without success and her pain had stopped her running. Walking, epecially in the morning, was also painful. In our assessment with Mrs S, we looked for biomechanical factors within h ..

A real pain in the buttock that stops your running!

02 Dec 2012  

Mrs B is a 29 year old Physiotherapist who presented with a 6 week history of left buttock pain, which was now affecting her ability to run. The pain had come on without any specific incident or change in her routine or running volume, but she had began a bootcamp recently and was performing more interval training at faster speeds. After thorough whole body examination, we  ..

Back Pain In Late Pregnancy Clears After 2 Treatments

03 Sep 2012  

Mrs O presented at 36 weeks pregnant with a 2 month history of left back pain causing difficulty with weightbearing, walking and flexing her left hip. This was noticeably worse when getting out of bed at night. On assessment Mrs O was a well looking 34 year old with a good range of back and hip movement. Neurodynamic testing was clear. She was sore when transferring her weight onto her  ..

Chronic Resistant Tennis Elbow Improves 90 percent In 6 Weeks

17 Jul 2012  

Ms C consulted us recently with a 3 year history of R Tennis Elbow, after having undergone 4 cortisone injections. Ultrasound scans showed a partial thickness tear in her extensor tendon. She was extremely frustrated and had stopped her personal training, Pilates and cycling due to elbow pain. She also had difficulty with carrying groceries, using her computer for more than 15min with ..

Long History Of Leg Pain(Sciatica) Resolves With Treatment To The Shoulder.

19 Mar 2012  

Mr P is a 55 year old IT manager who presented with a long history of right leg pain(sciatica), worse in the last 3 months. The pain was down the front of the leg with associated tingling and stopped him from lying on his right side, often waking him at night. Mr P was having regular Chiropractic treatment without improvement. Examination revealed some postural problems, but ba ..

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