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How to Beat Hip Pain

05 Sep 2019  

What Is Hip Pain? Hip pain can present itself in a myriad of ways. It can feel like pinching at the front of your joint, a deep, dull ache in the buttock, or burning pain on the side of the leg. It can even be felt as referred pain in the groin and knee region or present with associated stiffness and tightness across your whole leg. Lateral hip pain is a particularly common problem &ndash ..

Biomechanics of Running

25 Jun 2016  

Correct biomechanics, form and posture play an integral role in maximising your efficiency with forward propulsion and help to minimise overload and strain throughout your body. We can break the elements of correct running biomechanics and posture into key areas: 1. Head straight and shoulders relaxed While this may seem obvious, we see many people running with their he ..

Acute Knee Pain Resolved With Hip Flexor Release

25 May 2016  

Mr M presented with acute onset of left knee pain following an incident at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the previous day. He now reported significant pain and limitation with walking, moving from sit to stand and transferring in and out of the car. He was also unable to continue with his Jiu Jitsu training. Mr M’s main goals: (self rated as 10/10 being pain free and full function) To walk  ..

Knee Pain Can Be A Real Pain In The Butt!

20 Apr 2016  

Knee pain is one of the most common conditions people experience, and it can be particularly annoying for the recreational or competitive runner. It can be felt at the front, sides or behind the knee, with the most common area being the front, around the patella(kneecap). It can affect your walking, going up and down stairs, getting up from a chair, squatting, bending, kn ..

Runner's Gluteal Pain Fixed With Shoulder Release

15 Feb 2016  

Mrs H is a 37 year medical specialist who presented with 6 month history of left sided buttock pain and tightness during and after running. She had been increasing her running volume over this time as she was training for a half marathon and also wanted to soon tackle the marathon. The pain was localised to the left buttock with some spread into the back of the left thigh. It would al ..

6 months of leg pain(sciatica) solved with treatment of the shoulder

28 Apr 2014  

Mr. T, a 31 year old sales manager presented with a 6 month history of R leg pain, focussed around the mid hamstring area. There had been no specific injury, but Mr T reported that he did a lot of driving and sitting for work. He also reported some soreness in his R shoulder after playing squash. He had regular massage for these areas which gave him temporary relief, but the problem was not  ..

A Real Pain in the Buttock That Stops Your Running!

02 Dec 2012  

Mrs B is a 29 year old Physiotherapist who presented with a 6 week history of left buttock pain, which was now affecting her ability to run. The pain had come on without any specific incident or change in her routine or running volume, but she had began a bootcamp recently and was performing more interval training at faster speeds. After thorough whole body examination, we  ..

Back Pain In Late Pregnancy Clears After 2 Treatments

03 Sep 2012  

Mrs O presented at 36 weeks pregnant with a 2 month history of left back pain causing difficulty with weightbearing, walking and flexing her left hip. This was noticeably worse when getting out of bed at night. On assessment Mrs O was a well looking 34 year old with a good range of back and hip movement. Neurodynamic testing was clear. She was sore when transferring her weight onto her  ..

Long History Of Leg Pain(Sciatica) Resolves With Treatment To The Shoulder.

19 Mar 2012  

Mr P is a 55 year old IT manager who presented with a long history of right leg pain(sciatica), worse in the last 3 months. The pain was down the front of the leg with associated tingling and stopped him from lying on his right side, often waking him at night. Mr P was having regular Chiropractic treatment without improvement. Examination revealed some postural problems, but ba ..

3 Months Of Sciatic Pain Resolves With Manual Therapy In 10 Days

22 Feb 2012  

A client returned to our clinic following unsuccessful treatment elsewhere for persistent back and left leg pain. The 59 year old lady reported the development of sciatica after working in the garden. She was normally very active but could only stand or sit for 5 minutes. Bending and walking increased the leg pain and she couldn’t exercise. Assessment revealed no neu ..