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Case study: Shoulder muscle found to be primary contributor to headaches

17 Jul 2019  

Mrs D is a 38 year old researcher who presented recently with a long history of headaches and migraines. She had suffered some trauma to her head and neck region when she was 15 years old, and she had traced the start of her problems to after this event. Mrs D suffered with 2 migraines a month generally, but lately she had been experiencing headaches on a daily basis around thi ..

Headache: Why Look beyond the Neck?

12 Jul 2019  

Headaches can be a real pain in the neck, that is literally, they can also be associated with neck pain. There are several different types of headaches with different causes, and it is well accepted in clinical settings as well as in research findings that the neck can either cause or contribute to the pain of headache. But if structures like tight muscles and stiff joints in the nec ..

Breathing well...The Nose Knows!

09 Aug 2018  

Breathing is something we all do automatically without much thought. The breath is a very powerful thing, and using your breath correctly can have a great impact on your overall health, well-being and performance. Just pause and take a breath. What was it like? In through your nose or mouth, relaxed or tense, from the diaphragm or chest? Our mouths are designed ..

Subscapularis- The hidden source of pain

05 Jul 2018  

“I’d like to look/assess/treat your Subscapularis muscle…” For the newer clients this statement is closely followed by a blank facial expressions. For the current clients this statement is closely followed by a groan or cheeky eye roll. ‘Unknown’ and forgotten even amongst health practitioners (trust me I know!!). The subscapularis is a large triang ..

Neck Pain & Chronic Headache Improves 80% in 3 sessions

03 Sep 2013  

Mrs Z a full time secondary teacher presented with a 3 week history of severe left shoulder and neck pain and chronic debilitating headaches. She had put up with her pain but it was beginning to disturb her sleep and work performance. Mrs Z was quite stressed by her ongoing levels of pain and wanted to alleviate the headaches, regain pain free neck movement, to reach forward and overhead p ..