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Case study: Shoulder muscle found to be primary contributor to headaches

17 Jul 2019  

Mrs D is a 38 year old researcher who presented recently with a long history of headaches and migraines. She had suffered some trauma to her head and neck region when she was 15 years old, and she had traced the start of her problems to after this event. Mrs D suffered with 2 migraines a month generally, but lately she had been experiencing headaches on a daily basis around thi ..

Chronic heel pain- from limping to 10km race in 2 months!

20 Jun 2018  

The 2 biggest myths about heel pain. Heel pain or plantar fascitis, can be a real nuisance, stopping you from putting your best foot forward! In our experience, the 2 biggest myths around this condition are: 1. That where you feel your pain is where the problem is. 2. That the degree of damage on your scan results will determine your ability to recover. Through a thorough ..

Why a Whole Body Approach Works for Low Back Pain

28 Aug 2017  

You only need to look as far as the research into Regional Interdependance (Wainer et al, 2007; Sueki et al, 2013; Cleland et al, 2005; Powers, 2010) to support the use of a whole body assessment in musculoskeletal conditions, but it's great when you have a case that demonstrates this quite clearly. Mr M is a 64 year old lawyer who presented with a 5 day history of worsening low back pain whi ..

Acute Knee Pain Resolved With Hip Flexor Release

25 May 2016  

Mr M presented with acute onset of left knee pain following an incident at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the previous day. He now reported significant pain and limitation with walking, moving from sit to stand and transferring in and out of the car. He was also unable to continue with his Jiu Jitsu training. Mr M’s main goals: (self rated as 10/10 being pain free and full function) To walk  ..

Knee Pain Can Be A Real Pain In The Butt!

20 Apr 2016  

Knee pain is one of the most common conditions people experience, and it can be particularly annoying for the recreational or competitive runner. It can be felt at the front, sides or behind the knee, with the most common area being the front, around the patella(kneecap). It can affect your walking, going up and down stairs, getting up from a chair, squatting, bending, kn ..

Twelve Months Of Hamstring Pain Cleared With Treatment To The Thoracic Spine.

14 Apr 2016  

A 12 year old active student presented with a long term left hamstring injury following a fall which was initially assessed on ultrasound scanning as a partial muscle tear. He was frustrated at not being able to return to soccer or tennis without frequent flare ups. He was sore after exercising at training and at the end of the school day. The young man tested weaker for left hamstring st ..

Runner's Gluteal Pain Fixed With Shoulder Release

15 Feb 2016  

Mrs H is a 37 year medical specialist who presented with 6 month history of left sided buttock pain and tightness during and after running. She had been increasing her running volume over this time as she was training for a half marathon and also wanted to soon tackle the marathon. The pain was localised to the left buttock with some spread into the back of the left thigh. It would al ..

Low back pain fixed with shoulder release

10 Nov 2015  

Mr B, a 36 year old keen runner, presented with a several month history of left lower back and hip pain, which he was noticing with bending, lifting, prolonged sitting and running distances greater than 6-8km. Mr B’s main goals: (self rated as 10/10 being pain free and full function) 1. To sit and drive for greater than an hour without pain (6/10) 2. To bend painfree (cur ..

Long Term Frozen Shoulders Improved by More than 80% in 2 Weeks

13 Apr 2015  

Mrs M, a 62 year old retired housewife, initially presented with a long history of right shoulder pain and major movement restrictions diagnosed as a frozen shoulder. She had had a hydrodilatation to improve the range without any further advice. She also had neck stiffness and significant movement restrictions of her left shoulder following a previous frozen shoulder. Mrs M. main goals: (s ..

Major Shoulder Movement Restriction Improves With Left Calf Muscle Release

05 Sep 2014  

Ms. B, a 39 year old social worker spending a lot of hours at the computer every week, presented with a 2 month history of right shoulder pain and major movement restrictions. The pain started gradually without any specific injury. The ultrasound of the right shoulder showed supraspinatus tendinosis (rotator cuff muscle) and subacromial bursitis indicating inflamed structures in the shoulder w ..