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How to Beat Hip Pain

05 Sep 2019  

What Is Hip Pain? Hip pain can present itself in a myriad of ways. It can feel like pinching at the front of your joint, a deep, dull ache in the buttock, or burning pain on the side of the leg. It can even be felt as referred pain in the groin and knee region or present with associated stiffness and tightness across your whole leg. Lateral hip pain is a particularly common problem &ndash ..

The connection between posture and pain

24 Oct 2018  

Have you ever experienced neck or shoulder pain from sitting in the same position for a period of time? In our experience, most people who present with pain or injury have postural imbalances that contribute significantly to their problem. Improving posture, strength and mobility can help you move more freely with less pain and stiffness. What we find  ..

Subscapularis- The hidden source of pain

05 Jul 2018  

“I’d like to look/assess/treat your Subscapularis muscle…” For the newer clients this statement is closely followed by a blank facial expressions. For the current clients this statement is closely followed by a groan or cheeky eye roll. ‘Unknown’ and forgotten even amongst health practitioners (trust me I know!!). The subscapularis is a large triang ..

Why a Whole Body Approach Works for Low Back Pain

28 Aug 2017  

You only need to look as far as the research into Regional Interdependance (Wainer et al, 2007; Sueki et al, 2013; Cleland et al, 2005; Powers, 2010) to support the use of a whole body assessment in musculoskeletal conditions, but it's great when you have a case that demonstrates this quite clearly. Mr M is a 64 year old lawyer who presented with a 5 day history of worsening low back pain whi ..

The Relationship Between Glute Dysfunction and Low Back Pain

29 Apr 2017  

A lot has been said about the relationship between poor core stability / strength and low back pain and there is no doubt about this link. What we wanted to discuss here, however, is the strong connection between back pain and glute dysfunction In modern western societies people have become increasingly sedentary, with significantly increased time spent in sitting. This is a pos ..

Twelve Months Of Hamstring Pain Cleared With Treatment To The Thoracic Spine.

14 Apr 2016  

A 12 year old active student presented with a long term left hamstring injury following a fall which was initially assessed on ultrasound scanning as a partial muscle tear. He was frustrated at not being able to return to soccer or tennis without frequent flare ups. He was sore after exercising at training and at the end of the school day. The young man tested weaker for left hamstring st ..

A Simple Way To Assess Muscle Tension At Work

26 Nov 2015  

Working for long periods of time at a desk can lead to increased muscle tension. Today, we will show you a simple test to monitor the build up of muscle tension in the upper trapezius, a muscle at the base of the neck. It's important to be aware of increased muscle tension which can lead to strain and later, pain. Cath will show you how to feel for tension in the uppe ..

Low back pain fixed with shoulder release

10 Nov 2015  

Mr B, a 36 year old keen runner, presented with a several month history of left lower back and hip pain, which he was noticing with bending, lifting, prolonged sitting and running distances greater than 6-8km. Mr B’s main goals: (self rated as 10/10 being pain free and full function) 1. To sit and drive for greater than an hour without pain (6/10) 2. To bend painfree (cur ..

How To Improve Your Golf Swing

07 Mar 2014  

Are you having difficulty hitting a long or straight ball consistently? Joint stiffness or muscle weakness may be preventing you from performing well and really enjoying your game of golf, and our free report How To Improve Your Golf Swing ( may be just the shot for you! We have been assisting club golfers to im ..

A Real Pain in the Buttock That Stops Your Running!

02 Dec 2012  

Mrs B is a 29 year old Physiotherapist who presented with a 6 week history of left buttock pain, which was now affecting her ability to run. The pain had come on without any specific incident or change in her routine or running volume, but she had began a bootcamp recently and was performing more interval training at faster speeds. After thorough whole body examination, we  ..