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Biomechanics of Running

25 Jun 2016  

Correct biomechanics, form and posture play an integral role in maximising your efficiency with forward propulsion and help to minimise overload and strain throughout your body. We can break the elements of correct running biomechanics and posture into key areas: 1. Head straight and shoulders relaxed While this may seem obvious, we see many people running with their he ..

Ankle flexibility improves 150% in one session with treatment to the shoulder

14 Nov 2013  

Mr C is a 42 year old technician who presented with a 1 year history of L ankle pain, stiffness, a feeling of swelling and difficulty wearing his work boots. He was in good general health and a CT scan of his ankle had been clear. Mr C was quite distressed about his left ankle and his right ankle had also recently been painful. He feared he may not be able to continue working and support ..