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Foam Roller for Core Strength!

29 Jan 2019 by Maddi Boyer


Yes - We have just told you how awesome the foam roller is for soothing achey muscles and improving muscle functions but here's where you get a little extra bang for your buck! The foam roller is also a fabulous addition to your core workouts!

Using the foam roller during core strengthening exercises provides support to the spine and feedback on postural alignment. Even better the foam roller creates an added balance challenge through its unstable surface increasing the demand of core stabilising muscles. This increased muscle recruitment ensures to have you working harder whilst improving balance all at the same time. 

The video below will take you through a sequence of core strength exercises that can be completed in a sequence or individually. Each exercise demonstrated throughout the videos progression also increases in difficulty. If you are unsure if this exercise is suitable for you or your have a previous history of injury that may be worsened by these exercises please consult your physiotherapist or other allied health professional prior to beginning these core strengthening exercises on the foam roller. 

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