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The connection between posture and pain

24 Oct 2018  

Have you ever experienced neck or shoulder pain from sitting in the same position for a period of time? In our experience, most people who present with pain or injury have postural imbalances that contribute significantly to their problem. Improving posture, strength and mobility can help you move more freely with less pain and stiffness. What we find  ..

What's a tune up and why would I want one?

30 Aug 2018  

Most people who service their cars regularly do this without much thought... it is just something that needs to be done to keep their vehicle running well and prevent breakdowns. It gives us some piece of mind... I know I feel much better after I've had my car serviced, because it's been thoroughly checked over, and I know the chance of something weird happening in the  ..

Breathing well...The Nose Knows!

09 Aug 2018  

Breathing is something we all do automatically without much thought. The breath is a very powerful thing, and using your breath correctly can have a great impact on your overall health, well-being and performance. Just pause and take a breath. What was it like? In through your nose or mouth, relaxed or tense, from the diaphragm or chest? Our mouths are designed for eating a ..

Subscapularis- The hidden source of pain

05 Jul 2018  

“I’d like to look/assess/treat your Subscapularis muscle…” For the newer clients this statement is closely followed by blank facial expressions. For the current clients this statement is closely followed by a groan or cheeky eye roll. ‘Unknown’ and forgotten even amongst health practitioners (trust me I know!!). The subscapularis is a large triangul ..

Chronic heel pain- from limping to 10km race in 2 months!

20 Jun 2018  

The 2 biggest myths about heel pain. Heel pain or plantar fascitis, can be a real nuisance, stopping you from putting your best foot forward! In our experience, the 2 biggest myths around this condition are: 1. That where you feel your pain is where the problem is. 2. That the degree of damage on your scan results will determine your ability to recover. Through a thorough ..

Why a Whole Body Approach Works for Low Back Pain

28 Aug 2017  

You only need to look as far as the research into Regional Interdependance (Wainer et al, 2007; Sueki et al, 2013; Cleland et al, 2005; Powers, 2010) to support the use of a whole body assessment in musculoskeletal conditions, but it's great when you have a case that demonstrates this quite clearly. Mr M is a 64 year old lawyer who presented with a 5 day history of worsening low back pain whi ..

The Relationship Between Glute Dysfunction and Low Back Pain

29 Apr 2017  

A lot has been said about the relationship between poor core stability / strength and low back pain and there is no doubt about this link. What we wanted to discuss here, however, is the strong connection between back pain and glute dysfunction In modern western societies people have become increasingly sedentary, with significantly increased time spent in sitting. This is a position  ..

Preventing Running Injuries: Part 3

31 Jan 2017  

In Preventing Running Injuries: Part 2 ( of our series, we discussed all of the intrinsic (http:// factors that can contribute to running injuries. One of the key factors that we discussed in this report was Musculoske ..

Preventing Running Injuries: Part 2

06 Dec 2016  

With Preventing Running Injuries: Part 1 ( discussing the extrinsic factors that contribute to running injuries, in part 2 we are going to look in detail at all of the intrinsic risk factors associated with running. Intrinsic Factors These are factors that relate to the individual runner, and for the most p ..

Preventing Running Injuries: Part 1

22 Nov 2016  

Most people who run understand that running can be hard on the body. It is a weight bearing activity, and so all the lower limb joints and muscles experience some degree of loading with each stride as you land. Muscles are required to work eccentrically(lengthening as they contract to control impact), and then work concentrically(shortening as they contract) to power off the ground as the ..